Strelitzia – artists for ACORUS

Charity sales exhibition of art to support women in difficulties - women who have found a home
in the Acorus shelter for victims of domestic violence. On 7th of  March 2019 the exhibition began with an opening ceremony
accompanied by presenter Lenka Vacvalová and coordinator of the accompanying program Markéta Nováková. This show was held until the
17th of March 2019 in the premises of the Ladronka Gallery, where you have been able to see artworks of several independent artists, such as Tomáš Cafourek, Ivona Danziger, Miroslav Dávid, Jaroslava Hercíková, Lukáš Kubíček, Markéta Lemberk, Luboš Mandát, Eva Ova,
Jan Růžička, Petr Stančík, Marcell Vallas and Karel Zíka.

The opening evening included a silent auction and a raffle, into which our Diamond Spot jewelry shop donated a gift, a diamond, as the main prize.
The proceeds from this raffle and the entire sales exhibition will go to the ACORUS non-profit center.
Photos that have been posted on the official website can be found here.