Every piece of luxury jewelry made of 14 or 18 karat gold with various shades of rhodium that Diamond Spot offers is made with exceptional care, world class precision and regional mastery. Alongside
extraordinary quality processing, classic and contemporary design, clear authentic certification, pieces are overseen by our professional gemologist. Whether you select exclusive jewelry of white,
yellow or rose gold, with diamonds or emeralds, sapphires, rubies, semi-precious stones, cultured freshwater or Tahitian pearls, you will be completely satisfied with its timeless beauty and quality. #

Engagement rings

To conquer the woman of your life, let your choice be
Solitaire, a ring with one centre stone, Halo, with a centre
stone encircled with smaller stones or Eternity, with
smaller evenly set stones throughout the ring. #

Wedding rings

Along with the choice of over 500 models of wedding rings in different colors of gold, designed with or without diamonds, you have total freedom to design a ring that will be
your companion for your whole life. #


Awake all your senses with timeless, precious, luxury jewelry with certified diamonds directly from the best world markets. Fascinating diamonds of all sizes and different cuts in
white, black, blue colors with high gloss and purity
are the safest investments for lovers of jewelry. #


A blue precious stone in our jewelry that can make every moment of your life more special, comes directly from
Thailand. Rings, earrings and pendants with sapphires
only or in combination with diamonds, are
favorite jewelry for weddings.


A natural gemstone in its deep 'blood' red color is hard to find. Diamond Spot offers untreated, carefully selected rubies
from Madagascar. Give this fire stone, in combination
with or without diamonds, as a symbol of love
to someone special.


Besides diamonds, rubies and sapphires, our Royal Four also include untreated emeralds from Zambia. They are usually emerald cut, but also come in different shapes, alone or with sparkling diamonds, depending on design of a jewelry piece.

Semiprecious stones

Our jewelry pieces with topaz, citrine, garnet, peridot, tanzanite, rhodolite, amethyst, tourmaline and opal, with
or without diamonds, with their magical sparkling colors
reveal the secrets of the cosmos.


Pearls always seems classy and ladies with exquisite taste adore them. Tahitian pearls from French Polynesia as well as freshwater cultivated pearls from province Suzhou, in all
natural and black shades, could be your right choice for
special occasions such as your wedding day.

Nakit - Diamond Spot


It is important to make a lucky guess of the taste of someone special when buying them a gift. Select among gemstones
in an oval, princess, heart, tear, cushion, marquise or brilliant shape which decorate our gold rings.


Whether you like studs, hoops, drops or latch backs, choose from our rich Diamond Spot collection a pair of earrings just right for you. Our earrings, decorated with timeless, precious
or semi-precious stones, freshwater or Tahitian pearls
can bring daily pleasure to your life. #


Pendant, an ideal gift for any occasion, is always near to the heart. Our gold crosses and other pendant necklaces in the shape of a heart, circle, eye, with a pearl or a gemstone can become your talisman. Each of them has its own
symbolism and the timeless beauty.


A necklace is the most visible jewelry piece that says a lot about a wearer. Let our necklaces with precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds or pearls in different colors, sizes and
shapes add to your irresistible beauty.


Among 'tennis' bracelets with diamonds to bracelets with precious and semiprecious stones, freshwater or Tahiti pearls in different karats of gold, find the perfect for you that will bring elegance to any outfit you are wearing. #

Jewelry care

Every jewelry piece from the collection Diamond Spot is made with special care, precision and love by our professional jeweler, who has many years of experience working with high quality noble metals, diamonds, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. This is why, besides its value, our jewelry
deserves special care and handling.
. . . #