Tanzanite, also known as "Treasure of Africa", has a purple-blue to purple variety of zoisite. Not long after it was discovered in 1967, tanzanite became one of the most favourite coloured gemstones.

Tanzanite is not only beautiful but also one of the most valuable gemstones. This precious gemstone can only be found in East Africa, in a country called Tanzania. Mining of this gemstone is decreasing which results in a rise of the price.

This gemstone is also known as a stress healer that can bring harmony to life. Tanzanite is the stone of people who are born in December.


This gemstone is characterised by blue-violet colour. Its discoverer Manuel de Souza at first considered the gemstone as blue sapphire. By looking at tanzanite from different angles you can see the colour change from blue to purple.


This gemstone is found without inclusions or with single or multiple aciculars, liquid or crystal inclusions. Very popular are tanzanites with cat’s-eye effect which gives the gemstone a unique refraction of light on the surface and creates the impression of cat pupil.


Tanzanite belongs to fragile gemstones, therefore requires very precise grinding and careful treatment. Cut choice depends on the distribution of colours within the gemstone. Tanzanites are usually cut into all kinds of shapes.




Tanzanite can be cleaned with mild, soapy water. Ultrasound cleaning or cleaning with steam is not recommended.