Aquamarine has its name from the Latin aqua marina – word for seawater.
It is a color variety of the mineral beryl, same as emerald or morganite. Largest gem-quality
crystal of aquamarine mined to date has 110 kilograms and is almost 50
centimeters long. Aquamarine can be found in Pakistan, Nigeria,
Brazil and many other places in the world.



Color is an important factor for aquamarine. The finest colors are pastel blue, greenish blue
or green-blue. Popular and most valuable colors are dark blue to slightly greenish blue.


Most faceted aquamarines are eye clean. Collectors usually look for clean gems with good transparency.
Jewelers also use eye clean gems but sometimes they look for included pieces as unique
centerpieces for their jewels. Included gem must have a good color.


Cut is probably the most important factor for this gem. The most popular cuts are emerald cut,
round brilliant and oval brilliant but aquamarines can be cut into almost any shape.
Sometimes they are used for one-of-a-kind designer cuts.

Aquamarine is a birthstone for March and is used to enhance the happiness
of marriages. It is also a gem of the 19th wedding anniversary.