Eye to the soul

Unique gold ring
from collection "Eye to the soul"
 by Czech designer Daniela Komatović.
This collection received 
Gold Award at the prestigious 
A' Design Award & Competition 2017
in Milano.


Design Daniela Komatović, gold ring with sapphire Jewelry store Diamond Spot, Belgrade


Diamond Spot is the home of high quality, blending with the timeless design
of luxurious jewellery. The husband and the wife - empowering the family brand since 2015.
Professional gemologist and jewellery designer Daniela Komatović are the brains and intermediaries of carefully chosen gems and years of experiences in designing. #

Engagement rings

Diamond Spot jewelry engagement rings, Jewelry store Diamond Spot, Belgrade

Engagement rings

Diamond Spot offers you over 300 models of engagement rings.
From classic through modern to unique collections with top design and high quality
of craftsmanship. All models are available in 14k or 18k white, yellow and rose gold with diamonds and other precious stones. Each stone is certified by YUDC,
GIA, HRD, IGI, TGL or GRS company. #

Wedding rings

Diamond Spot Eternity wedding rings

Wedding rings

Wide selection of wedding rings in 14k and 18k gold which can be
adorned with certified diamonds or cubic zirconia. Choose your favourite design
from very simple to fancy, two-coloured rings with or without diamonds. 
Find the inspiration in more than 500 pieces in our stores. #

Gerstner wedding rings

Gerstner wedding rings, Jewelry store Diamond Spot, Belgrade

August Gerstner wedding rings

World famous August Gerstner gives top priority to the use of innovative
technologies in the production of wedding rings. Highly qualified goldsmiths do the artistic handicraft work which makes every Gerstner ring a piece of art. The company
offers life time guarantee for their rings. #


Discover wide collection of rings in white, yellow
and rose gold. Classic and modern rings or unique rings by
Czech designer Daniela Komatović adorned with diamonds,
sapphires, emeralds, rubies, semi-precious stones or pearls. #


An ideal gift for any occasion. Gold crosses, pendants
in the shape of a heart, eye or circle, with a pearl or one gemstone tied on a necklace can be worn as a talisman. Each pendant offers timeless beauty and has its own symbolism. #


You can find gold earrings with high quality precious
and semi-precious stones, freshwater and tahitian pearls
in our stores. However, the most interesting earrings are
from unique collection designed by Daniela Komatović .#


Diamond necklaces, necklaces with rubies, sapphires,
emeralds and semiprecious stones. Beautiful necklaces
made of the highest quality pearls. These pieces will
bring attractiveness and elegance to your style. #


Bracelets with yellow, white or rose gold. 
High quality craftsmanship of bracelets with brilliants,
black diamonds, pearls and semi-precious stones
with all kinds of natural colours. #

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Semi-precious stones

Citrine, amethyst, garnet, tsavorite, topaz are semi-precious stones with different colours and textures. Our unique collection offers handmade necklaces, magic
pendants as well as gold rings and earrings. #


Certified, natural, untreated, transparent emeralds
from Zambia
, royal green color, in combination with or without diamonds and pearls decorate luxury jewelry
from Diamond Spot emerald collection. #


Our jewelry is adorned with first class, clean and natural sapphires mainly from Thailand. Rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Every piece is certified
by companies like YUDC, TGL or GRS. #

Fiery rubies

Fiery rubies, Jewelry store Diamond Spot, Belgrade

Fiery rubies

Choose this red, untreated gemstone and let the love flow through your heart.
White, yellow and rose gold is perfectly combined with rubies from Madagascar.
Let Diamond Spot surprise you with unique selection of rings, earrings,
bracelets, pendants and necklaces decorated with rubies.


Pearls, Jewelry store Diamond Spot, Belgrade


The finest selection of the highest quality freshwater cultured pearls and
Tahitian pearls, with colours from light gray, green, purple, blue, brown to dark
gray and black, transformed into irresistible pearl necklaces, pendants,
earrings, bracelets and rings, decorated with or without diamonds. #


Diamond Spot pendant diamonds, Jewelry store Diamond Spot, Belgrade


Stones from our exclusive collection are certified by YUDC,
GIA, HRD or IGI. Diamond Spot offers you luxury gold jewelry
not only with classic diamonds, but also with black,
blue and champagne diamonds. #

Jewelry care

Jewelry care in jewelry Diamond Spot, Belgrde, Jewelry store Diamond Spot, Belgrade

Jewelry care

Love and care about your jewelry.
Every piece of jewelry from Diamond Spot
is made with special attention, love and 
care by the best craftmans. #